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On this page you can find most of my video's that have to do about Online Travel Agencies like, Airbnb, Bookingcom and Expedia. In order to view the video, just click on the picture on left side, and you will be redirected to the video on my YouTube Channel. Don't forget to like and subscribe! is requesting financial support from the Dutch government is asking financial support from the Dutch government. The biggest online travel agency had in 2019 a profit of 5 billion euro, and 2 weeks ago they announced that with their current financial situation, they would be able to operate until the 2th half of 2021.

Now has requested money from the Dutch government to pay the 5000 employees that work in The Netherlands. The Dutch government has a bail out program that supports businesses that have 20% or more loss due to the crisis. This program was went for companies that do not have sufficient financial funds to keep their staff. 

Airbnb Automated Exposed | For Airbnb hosts and short rental businesses | The full truth 2020

Many people who have a listing on the airbnb platform know the you tube channel "Airbnb Automated". In these video's self claimed "millionair property renter ", Sean Rakidzich.

He even sells a course for landlords saying yes to airbnb, and he is available for coaching.

But the truth been told, i have never been a big fan of this guy, due to the fact that he makes this whole industry sounding like a piece of cake. And most airbnb hosts know that this is not the case. Especially when he refer to the covid virus he called it a "Chinese virus "

In this video i will explain why i do not agree with Sean. You can not agree with me, or maybe you do, but in this video i will tell you why Sean has no credibility with me.

The real estate business is hard and therefor also the airbnb business... but if your name is Sean... it's all not to bad.. at least that is what he wants you to believe.

Airbnb puts the life of airbnb hosts in danger

Airbnb coronavirus and the actions of brian shesky...

This morning i received the shock of my life. Airbnb is putting the lifes ofairbnb hosts in danger by sending guests that are tested positive for the coronavirus to a host his hous, and refusing to inform the host about the positive testing on the corona virus.

You would think that because of the coronavirus outbreak ( covid 19) airbnb would have the safety of their hosts and guests as a important issue on their agenda... NOT

Seems that Brian Chesky is not taking the coronavirus pandemic very serious

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Airbnb Hosts | what will happen with tourism after the coronavirus? | airbnb coronavirus 

What will happen with the tourism industry after the coronavirus?

In this video i will explain how i think that the tourism industry will look like, after the corona pandamic. At this moment many cities are on lockdown, aviation is on its all time low,and the tourism industry is almost dead. Will this change the moment that the travel restriction are lifted?

And will we, as hoteliers and airbnb hosts, need to see this summer as lost, or will tourists come as soon as possible? Will the recession 2020 have impact, and will countries lift the travel ban and travel restrictions?