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Being a YouTuber myself, i know that the beginning is hard, really hard. I have spend countless hours on YouTube and the internet to make sure that i fully understand the YouTube algorithm. Because when you start your YouTube channel, you need to be ready, and do it good. On this page i have a overview of my YouTube video's that will provide you with the answers to make your channel work and maybe even generate a income for you.

How to Optimize your YouTube Videos To GET MORE VIEWS | How to tag your videos to RANK HIGHER| 2020

Want to learn how to tag your videos to rank higher in search? Today I'm sharing exactly how I optimize your YouTube videos to get more views in 2020.

If you are thinking if tags help on YouTube the simple answer is... YES! But if you're focusing on tags alone, you could actually be hurting your chance in appearing in a YouTube search. In today's video I want to share with you how I use YouTube SEO to help my videos rank high in search. I'm sharing how I write my YouTube video descriptions, tag my videos, and even write video titles. If you want to learn how to grow on YouTube with your YouTube SEO, then this is the video for you!

how to get monetized on YouTube in 2020

In this video you will learn how to get monetized on Youtube in 2020, and how long it takes to get monetized on youtube in 2020. | youtube monetization 2020.

I'M OFFICIALLY MONETIZED ON YOUTUBE!!! Yep, that is correct. As of yesterday, my YouTube channel was approved for ads and I'm starting to make money from my YouTube videos. So today, I want to share with you how long it takes to get monetized on YouTube, the review process to get ads on your videos, Google AdSense, and more. PLUS I'm sharing some tips to get monetized faster and what you can do to prep your channel to make the MOST money, and how to get ads on your channel.


YOUTUBE CREATORS | How to look good on YouTube |Men's natural makeup tutorial | YouTube Tips

In this video you will learn all about men's make up for YouTube creators.

When you are putting all that work into your Youtube video, editting, shooting, research and much more, you want to look at your best when you are in front of your camera.In this video you will see how i apply just a little bit of makeup, before starting to shoot a video. And yes, because i am a man, this video is about how to do male make up for a youtube video. So... get ready with me