Financial video's

Due to the fact that i have multiple companies, i needed to learn how to do my finance in a way that it is according to the law, but also that it would be in a way to make sure that i would have a clear image of my finances at any time. Obviously i did not start with multiple companies, so i also needed to learn what it takes to create a successful and stable company, and how to create different sources of income, active and passive.

All the video's that i upload are ment to start a discussion. I always believe that it is important to see things also from a different perspective. That is why i would love it if you can leave a comment under the video that you have watched on youtube.

Robert Kiyosaki – Get Your Money Out Of The Bank 

Robert Kiyosaki always says that the big mistake is so many people believe it's essential to save. That's ridiculous, Kiyosaki explains; and the reason that's ridiculous is that what happened in 1971 is crucial. In 1971 the US dollar stopped being money. In 1971 the US dollar became a currency. And what that meant is Richard Nixon in 1971 took us off the gold standard. That's like giving an alcoholic free rein to the bar, or it's like giving somebody who can't control their spending unlimited credit cards. What's happening is all the savers today are losers. You know the problem with 1971 is that the federal government keeps printing money. The value of your money keeps going down. If you notice as the value of the dollar goes down, prices go up. They call this inflation. But really what it is; is the dollar's value coming down. 



Negative Interest Rates will Kill The Dollar

Negative interest rates will make Wall Street billionaires even richer, allowing them to continue buying up America by devaluing earned income. Americans are dealing with a banker-manipulated "medium of exchange." Negative interest rates are confiscatory. The Globalists are not draining the swamp, and they are swamping the land. If you want an example in the extreme, try Weimar Germany when the vultures flew in and bought up the country — paper money in exchange for everything that was Germany. The term "negative interest rate" is just another polite term for oligarchical confiscation.