Ok, it may sounds strange, but in general i like to make people think about things. I believe that many people are thinking black and white, and this is not always correct. Think about it... how to people come to certain conclusions.. from social media, news, internet, tv, movies or... they just have a idea ( read opinion ) about something out of fear for the unknown. 

When i grew up, internet was just kicking in, almost nobody had internet, the mobile phones were as big as refrigerators and YouTube, whatsapp, Instagram... they didn't even excist.  The news that you got was mainly from the news on the tv and the newspapers. And i always thought that what they newspapers wrote, and they news on the tv was correct, no left or right coverage... well, now that i am 39 i know better!

And this is exactly why i have decided to step into the world of social media. I want to give my thoughts and ideas about certain subjects, and trust me if i say that i already know that some people will hate me for this. But, for everything is a place, and this is gonna be my space, my rules, my thoughts.

At this moment i am starting to finalise all my ideas that i have in my head, and i will not reveal all the topics because there is a place and time for everything... and.. i will not only discuss the big issues.. there is enough time for smiling also. 

About who i am and what i do.. 

I am just a normal gay guy ( and i use the term normal loosely ) who was born in the Netherlands, then moved to Spain to eventually end up in Athens, Greece. Here i got married with my wonderful Greek husband and together we have our own small hotel in the centre of Athens. 

Stay tuned, to find out more about me, and check my Instagram and YouTube page ( and don't forget to like and subscribe )

Let's have some fun!